Gary Martin Senior Advisor


Gary has over 14 years’ experience in Engineering projects within Australia and overseas.

Gary is an innovative project lead with a talent for balancing creativity with proven processes, and a passion for ensuring delivery meets business objectives. He has proven technical leadership through roles including head engineer in the space industry and acting head of engineering in an NSW public sector rail operator.

Having switched from the space industry to rail highlights Gary’s strong understanding of systems engineering, requirements management, assurance, and project management, with a documented record of achievement in all.

His work expands beyond the scope of specialist technical engineering into process improvement and SESA, having contributed to the companies he’s worked for by providing scope negotiations, staff training, documentation approval, and creating processes to align with a growing team’s demands.

He has performed this work in companies ranging from single-figure start-ups, up to large multinational corporations.

His diligence for self-improvement is shown not only in his works, but in his professional development throughout his career, achieving Certified Systems Engineering Professional and Certified Associate in Asset Management certifications.