Naim Khurshid Senior Advisor

Introduction: Naim’s long-term experience delivering complex engineering projects for Sydney Trains has led to a deep technical understanding of all types of rolling stock and of the operator.

Since 2019, Naim has been the on-board Project Engineer for TfNSW’s Automatic Train Protection roll-out, where he is providing assurance that the design meets client requirements and is fit for purpose for all of Sydney Trains rolling stock.

Previously with ATP for three years, Naim carried out Design Reviews for a pragmatic solution for both installers/maintainers and users. He also worked closely with the engineering teams within key ATP suppliers such as Alstom, and was required to review and approve the structural analyses for the mounting of ATP hardware such as antennas and cubicles, which will be installed as part of the on-board ETCS sub-system for V Sets, Millenniums and OSCars.

Naim has also worked at Sydney Trains Depots and brings in- depth experience in Operational Risk Management for Worksite Protection, having developed Baseline Controls to manage worker safety in the Danger Zone.