Roneel Sharma Senior Advisor


Roneel has over 12 years’ experience in Engineering projects within Australia and overseas.

Roneel is a highly efficient, hardworking, and motivated Rollingstock electrical engineer with comprehensive understanding of Rollingstock design, testing and commissioning, and maintenance. He has a keen interest in safety in engineering design management and systems safety assurance.

Over the past five years, Roneel has been predominantly working on train safety systems – mainly ETCS, vigilance, digital train radio, and automatic selective door operation systems. His latest role had him providing technical activities to the New Intercity Fleet (NIF) Program, where he was responsible for the delivery of the train safety systems. Prior to this role, Roneel also provided works for the OSCar, Millennium, Tangara, C, K, and V-Sets ETCS throughout his career.

Roneel is a quick learner who works well under pressure, and is constantly focused on delivering his objectives