Sydney International Speedway

As the Sydney International Speedway is entering the final stages of completion, the team at CWG Project Services is delighted to see our hard work coming to fruition.

Having done the initial safety in design and assurance plan, we’re now focusing on providing the safety assurance required for Sydney International Speedway’s practice events.

Our new Engineering Intern, Peter Sotirios, has enjoyed his time working with James Georgiadis, our Consulting Services Manager, on this task and conducting site visitations. Speaking of the project, James said: “The speedway represented an opportunity to apply contemporary safety assurance principals to the design and construction of this type of asset. The result is a speedway which sets a new benchmark for motorsport safety.”
This project has been a great collaborative effort with Turnbull Engineering, Sydney Metro, and Eastern Creek Speedway all contributing towards its success. The team is excited for the unveiling of this project in 2022 and are proud of delivering the safety assurance of this world-class speedway.

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