Sylvain Romignon Principal Advisor


Sylvain has over 16 years of engineering experience in design and commissioning of telecoms and control system. Sylvain has an extensive industry experience in LNG, mining, railway, building automation and other large-scale projects in Europe and Australia.

Sylvain has experience as a Project Engineer, where he was involved in all stages of Control Systems implementation projects, from design conception to operational support. In these major projects, he managed and reviewed control systems design, conducted acceptance testings and integration processes of control systems in accordance with AS 61508. Sylvain has vast experience with DCS/PLC, SCADA and Telecoms systems.

Notably, Sylvain was the Lead Control Systems Designer for the delivery of Direct Locomotive Control (DLC) and the new DLC Simulator enabling back-end AutoHaul® works. Sylvain is a respected Subject Matter Expert, his previous responsibility includes ensuring adherence to code of practice, technical specifications, type approvals, drawings and associated telecommunications and control systems documentation.

Sylvain displays a proven record of Functional Safety and Control Systems knowledge through his experience in managing and supporting many major projects throughout its project’s lifecycle. He is highly motivated, reliable and strives for excellence. With his passion and commitments has enabled successful delivery of the projects under his responsibility.