Systems Engineering & Safety Assurance

Safety and System Assurance

Providing you with peace of mind that when you make a change to your business, through project delivery or day-to-day operations, the risk associated with the change has been managed and controlled. We are experts at demonstrating that risk has been reduced So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable (SFAIRP), and other duties required by law.

RAM Engineering

Application of RAM engineering to the design of systems ensures the system meets the desired performance requirements. We can provide support through the life cycle through RAM analysis and modelling to inform design decisions and to demonstrate compliance with RAM targets, spares analysis and to optimise maintainability through application of reliability centred maintenance and consideration of whole of life costs.

Independent Assurance

Third party assurance that organisations supplying you with products, delivering your projects, or developing new technologies for your business are complying with the relevant processes and standards, and are using competent and experienced professionals.

We confirm their approach meets your requirements and then follow them every step of the way to make sure you get the results you need.

Risk Management

Developing the systems and processes your organisation can use to run your business with confidence key risks are effectively controlled and being managed and tracked properly.

From minor process improvements, through to full management system consulting projects, we can give you the edge to improve efficiency without compromising other objectives.

Technical Specialists

Got an engineering or project issue with no simple answer that you just need sorted out? Our wide-ranging experience across multiple engineering industries means we can develop a solution to solve problems fast, with the assurance to demonstrate the chosen solution was the best option.